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How to choose a defense lawyer for your teen

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Juvenile Offenses |

As a parent, you might feel an overwhelming surge of complicated emotions if your teen is under arrest for a crime. The best thing you can do for your child is to carefully plan your next step.

Helping your child out of this tough situation starts with knowing how to choose an attorney that will represent their best interests. You can simplify the items you should research in regard to your legal help into two basic areas.


Not all criminal defense cases are alike. Representing a client in the juvenile justice system requires a unique background and skillset. The attorney you choose to advocate in court for your teen should be a professional with specific experience representing juveniles in cases similar to your own. While a criminal defense lawyer with a more generalized target demographic might offer more affordable services, you stand to benefit more from a representative that has the specialized knowledge you need.


You can learn much about a lawyer’s area of focus by studying their website or legal blog, but this will tell you little about how they fare in court. It is important to check testimonials before finalizing your choice of a representative. If possible, consider reaching out to previous clients or meeting the attorney in person before moving forward with an agreement. Success rate and personality are both aspects to consider when making an informed decision.

Criminal charges can affect your teen’s college admissions, job opportunities and overall future. You can protect your child’s well-being and long-term prospects by making the best choice possible for their defense strategy.


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