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How can charges for domestic violence against a spouse affect you as a parent?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Firm News |

A charge for domestic violence could dramatically affect your relationship with your children. A conviction may prevent you from providing basic care with your children or spending time with them.

It is important for parents facing family violence charges to recognize that a conviction can put their parental rights in jeopardy. When criminal charges impact a parent’s role in his or her children’s lives, the consequences and hardships that children experience can be serious and long-lasting.

Restraining orders

A temporary restraining order may issue almost immediately after a domestic violence arrest. You may be unable to live with your children. If you cannot come within a set distance of your spouse, it could be extremely difficult for you to be near your children.

Impact on divorce and custody proceedings

Domestic violence charges could have a dominating impact on divorce and custody proceedings. A divorcing spouse may cite charges as evidence demonstrating that he or she should have greater parental responsibilities than you. Consequently, a court may refuse to give you custody, or it may place significant limitations on your parenting time.

Visitation restrictions

If you have to petition a court for visitation time with your children, the time that you can spend with them may be relatively short. It may even be necessary for someone to supervise visits.

It is important to take domestic violence charges seriously because they can compromise your rights as a parent. When you are defending yourself against prosecution, protecting your relationship with your children needs to be your primary focus.


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