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Diversion programs in Forsyth County Juvenile Court

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Juvenile Offenses |

If your child faces charges in the Forsyth County Juvenile Court system, he or she may qualify for a diversion program. These specialty courts strive to address specific issues that threaten juvenile well-being.

Review these court programs when considering the appropriate action for your child after criminal charges in Georgia.

Child in Need of Services

This 120-day program offers early intervention for CHINS, or children at risk of involvement in the juvenile justice system. With this option, a review team comprised of professionals from several Georgia agencies will make recommendations and referrals based on your child’s case. If your family agrees to participate in this voluntary program, the county will dismiss the charges after the successful completion of all referrals and recommendations.

Peer Court

Your child may qualify for this 60-day program if he or she faces a first-time status or misdemeanor offense. If he or she agrees to the voluntary program, a jury of trained youth volunteers will create recommendations for approval by the court. Fewer than 1% of teens who participate in peer court commit a second crime in Georgia.

Traffic Diversion Program

Juvenile offenders facing traffic charges with no prior offenses can qualify for this 90-day diversion program. You and your child must agree to participate in the program and abide by recommendations and referrals. Successful completion of these requirements will result in the dismissal of your child’s charges.

Completing the appropriate diversion program when facing criminal charges can help prevent future involvement with the Georgia court system and protect your child’s future prospects, including college and career.


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