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How can underage drinking impact your child’s college career?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Dui |

In Georgia, there are strict laws designed to keep underage students from consuming alcohol. On a whole, people understand that alcohol will still show up on campus regardless. It is also hard to dissuade underage students from drinking.

Still, the charges your student may face if caught drinking underage can end up altering their entire life course. This is one of the many reasons you should always take underage drinking seriously.

Campuses handle charges in different ways

HuffPost takes a look at the underage drinking laws on campus. They emphasize that there is currently an ongoing question as to whether the drinking age should get lowered or not. However, that does not seem to be in the cards any time soon. In accordance, campuses often decide on their own whether they will be strict or lenient regarding drinking.

But almost all colleges will act in a strict way if drinking is egregious or obvious. Not only that, but campus or city police can get called on parties or gatherings with alcohol at any time. Your child can end up with alcohol-related charges before you know it.

How colleges treat underage drinking convictions

A conviction can also damage their changes in school. First of all, your child may get put on a probationary period depending on the infraction. Sometimes, children end up expelled, but this is a rare occurrence by comparison. It is also possible for the college to revoke financial support and bar your child from using on-campus housing. This may make it too expensive for them to continue their schooling. And ultimately, this is only the start of why you should take underage drinking charges seriously.


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