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Are there crimes commonly committed by juveniles?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Juvenile Offenses |

Adults aren’t the only ones who find themselves in trouble with the law. Juveniles find themselves facing charges in Georgia courts. While significant numbers of juveniles may deal with criminal charges, certain charges appear common among so-called juvenile offenders. The severity of the specific offense may vary, but all could lead to a criminal record.

Shoplifting might seem like a “minor” crime to a young offender. Taking small, insignificant items from a store may start behaviors that lead to grand larceny or auto theft. No matter what someone steals, doing so is a crime. Granted, petty theft does not bring the same penalties as grand theft auto. Regardless, a juvenile offender might face a misdemeanor conviction that establishes a criminal record.

Aggressive behavior could lead a minor into significant legal trouble. Arguing or fighting in public may result in disorderly conduct charges. Worse, a physical altercation might rise to the level of felony assault or worse. Teenagers lacking the maturity to deal with disagreements and conflict might find themselves involved with physical altercations. A lack of maturity or empathy could contribute to bullying behavior, which might escalate.

Drug use and abuse bring forth many potential legal consequences. Possession, drug dealing, and various other offenses might derive from involvement with drugs. Persons under the influence could commit other crimes. Some may cause car accidents or commit thefts while under the influence.

Hopefully, parents, teachers, and other adults could reach out to a troubled youth before he/she gets into significant legal trouble. However, some parents or guardians may be oblivious to a young person’s behavior.

Young persons facing charges of juvenile crimes are entitled to a defense. A criminal defense attorney might be able to provide representation to a juvenile dealing with legal troubles.


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