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Unequal justice in courts resulting from racial disparity

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Residents of Georgia might be interested in a recent article in which activists say that the representation of people of color in the court system affects outcomes. There is racial disparity in the judges and prosecutors who are supposed to safeguard the rights of all people accused. A fair trial and checked excesses by police and prosecutors should be the goals of a racially balanced system.

According to the article, studies have shown that 95% of the prosecutors in the US are white. Representation of Black and brown individuals in the court system is lacking, and outcomes are affected negatively.

In the US, surveys found that in 2015, over 13% of Americans were Black, and 39% were people of color. Yet 95% of the prosecutors who were elected to their positions were white. Only 2 out of 10 state trial judges, who sign warrants and determine parole, were people of color.

According to a Vanderbilt University Law School professor, the lack of people of color undermines the legitimacy of the courts. Courts should reflect the communities that they serve. The 2016 study, called “Gavel Gap,” was funded by the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy.

There may be a scarcity of opportunities for people of color to become judges. This arises from the difficulty of black and brown students to make it through college and then through law school. The result is racial disparity on the bench.

Legal justice should take place in a system that is fair to every person regardless of his or her color. An effective criminal defense attorney might craft a defense strategy for a fair trial. A lawyer knows and understands the local courts and might help someone to secure the best possible outcome and resolution. Felony, as well as misdemeanor criminal charges, may be dropped with the right law firm.


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