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Options to defend against theft charges

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Theft |

Different options for defending against theft charges are possible depending on the situation and circumstances the accused individual is facing. What is important for accused individuals, who may be worried about the criminal charges against them, to understand is that they have the right to defend themselves and should be familiar with the important criminal defense protections available to them.

Options to defend against theft charges

Theft defenses can range from an honest misunderstanding about the ownership of the property or that it was taken under duress. Defenses to theft charges can include that the accused individual had a good faith belief the property was theirs or that, because they were intoxicated, they could not form the necessary intent for the crime of theft. Other defenses, including entrapment or that the rights of the accused individual were violated at some point during the process of charging them with a theft crime may also be defense options to consider.

Types of theft charges

Accused individuals can race a range of different types of theft charges.

Theft charges are generally criminal charges accusing an individual of taking the property of another with the intent to deprive them of that property. Theft charges in Georgia can include taking lost or mislaid property; receiving stolen property in another state; bringing stolen property into the state from out of state; theft by deception; and extortion, among others.

Theft charges can result in harsh penalties and consequences for accused individuals. Because of how serious any criminal charge is, accused individuals need to be prepared with a strong criminal defense strategy and theft charges are no exception.


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