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Teens arrested for fleeing Forsyth deputies need criminal defense

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Firm News |

In Forsyth County and throughout Georgia, people who are ordered by law enforcement to stop their vehicle are required to do so. Failure to acquiesce to an officer’s commands can lead to problems even if the driver was not violating traffic laws. Still, many people might get nervous when they are dealing with this situation and choose to flee. Inevitably, the officers will catch the driver and charges will likely be filed. This can cause problems for anyone, but teens who are confronted with these charges can face long-term issues because of it. The negative impact makes a legal defense essential.

A vehicle pursuit resulted in four teens being arrested. According to the police report, the vehicle was allegedly speeding when deputies tried to initiate a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle, a Dodge Charger, refused to stop. A pursuit ensued. Other deputies, including a K9 unit and the use of a drone, assisted. The vehicle was abandoned and the occupants fled. Three were located relatively quickly and arrested. A fourth person was found in the morning.

Two of the four teens who were caught are 18; the other two are 19. All are charged with marijuana possession and intent to distribute. One 19-year-old was also charged with loitering, obstruction and other charges. The second 19-year-old had outstanding warrants for previous charges. He gave false information to law enforcement. One 18-year-old was charged with a felony for fleeing. In addition, he is alleged to have been speeding, drove recklessly, ran a stop sign, and failed to maintain his lane. Finally, the other 18-year-old had three outstanding warrants.

Anyone who is arrested should be cognizant of the value of a strong defense. This is especially critical for teens. Since a conviction can result in jail time, fines, a criminal record and all that accompanies the stigma of a troubled past, it is wise to think about the future. A legal defense can assess the charges and seek strategies to combat the case. There could have be a breach of protocol from the officers, the evidence could be questionable or there might be a way to negotiate a plea bargain. Discussing the case with a legal professional experienced in providing a criminal defense for a litany of violations may be able to help.


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