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Drug raid in Statesboro leads to multiple arrests

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Drug Charges |

In late May, Georgia authorities announced that they recently broke up a major drug ring that had been operating in Statesboro. The raid led to the arrest of three individuals and the seizure of multiple types of drugs.

According to local media reports, the Statesboro Police Department received a tip that drug sales were occurring at an area apartment. Officers launched a two-month stakeout at the location and allegedly observed suspicious activity. On May 18, they executed a raid at the property and reportedly uncovered 14 pounds of marijuana and large amounts of cocaine, ecstasy and prescription pills. They also found around $10,000 in cash and an unspecified number of firearms.

As a result of the raid, which included the use of tear gas, three men were taken into custody. One of the defendants has been charged with possession of marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine as well as possession of prescription pills without a prescription and distribution of marijuana. Meanwhile, warrants have been issued for two other men in connection with the case. Authorities indicate that more warrants could be issued.

Individuals accused of drug crimes could face severe consequences in the event they are convicted. Typical penalties include lengthy prison sentences, steep fines, the forfeiture of certain assets and a permanent criminal record. However, defendants might be able to help their situation by contacting a criminal defense attorney. After reviewing the details of the case, the attorney might be able to build a strong defense against the allegations and successfully challenge the prosecution’s case. Under some circumstances, this defense might cause the case to be dismissed. Alternatively, it may be used as leverage to negotiate a plea deal that reduces the charges.


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