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What crimes fall under the umbrella of theft in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Theft |

Theft is a crime that’s been around for a long time. What’s classified as this type of offense has evolved over the years. It includes shoplifting, identity theft and the theft of lost property or services. Anyone who takes something by conversion, extortion or deception may also be charged with theft in Georgia. This is why the penalties associated with committing such a crime can vary significantly.

Shoplifting occurs when someone takes possession of merchandise from a retail establishment that they haven’t paid for. Anyone who switches the price tags on a product in hopes of paying a lower price for it may be charged with shoplifting as well.

Theft by deception occurs when someone obtains property by deceit. If someone creates or confirms a false impression or sells or transfers encumbered property knowing that it has liens, claims, or legal impediments against it, then they may be charged with theft by deception. If someone promises to perform certain services without the intent to do so, then they may also be charged with this crime.

The amount of possible prison time a defendant in Georgia faces if they’re charged with theft depends on the dollar amount of the items they stole.

If the alleged property stolen is valued up to $500, then a defendant may be charged with a misdemeanor. That individual may face up to a year in jail and have to pay fines if convicted of such an offense.

Anyone charged with stealing property with a value of over $500 may be charged with a felony. Any defendant that is convicted of such an offense may have to serve up to 10 years in prison.

You’re facing some serious fines and jail time in your case if you’re convicted on theft charges. Your theft attorney will want to know more about the value of the stolen assets, how you’re alleged to come in possession of them and your relationship to the victim. Once they know this, then they can advise you of the penalties that you’re potentially facing if you’re convicted of such a crime here in Cumming.


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