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How prescription drugs can land your teen under arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Alcohol and marijuana are still the most common substances used by teens. However, as it’s become increasingly common for kids to be prescribed drugs like Adderall and various pain killers and mood stabilizers, more are becoming addicted to them. A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that a quarter of prescription drug abusers began using the drugs before they were even in their teens.

When their doctor no longer prescribes a drug they’ve become dependent on, teens may look for other sources to buy them. According to a site called StreetRx, which lists “street prices” for various prescription drugs by state, Adderall is the most widely-sought street drug.

However, teens often don’t have to go out on the “street” to get these drugs. Those with prescriptions may share or sell them. Often, kids take prescription drugs belonging to their parents or grandparents from the medicine cabinet.

It’s crucial for parents and kids to understand that buying, selling and even sharing prescription drugs can land you under arrest. Even if a teen gives a few Adderall or Valium to a friend, they could face charges for drug dealing.

If someone dies from an overdose, whoever gave or sold that person the drug could be charged with homicide. Sadly, fatal overdoses among teens are increasing. So are prosecutions for accidental overdose fatalities.

If your child has been charged with a crime related to prescription drugs, it’s essential to make sure they have experienced legal representation. Any drug-related conviction could significantly impact their future.


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