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Don’t say the wrong thing during a DUI traffic stop

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Dui |

A traffic stop for suspicion of driving under the influence is nothing to take lightly. Even if you’re sober, it’s not a good time to say or do the wrong thing, because the wrong approach can lead to serious consequences.

Many people struggle to find the right thing to say during a DUI traffic stop. They may ramble and share too much information with the officer. Here are some of the things you never want to do:

  • Place a number on how much alcohol you’ve consumed: Even if it’s one drink, don’t admit anything to the officer.
  • Tell a lie: It’s okay to tell the officer in plain terms that you haven’t been drinking (if you haven’t). However, you don’t want to create a story off the top of your head, as it’ll come across as exactly that. And if the officer has reason to believe you’re lying, they also have reason to believe you’re hiding something.
  • Offer something in return for letting you go: Not only is this sure to result in your arrest, but there’s a good chance that it’ll lead to additional criminal charges. For instance, don’t offer the officer cash in exchange for letting you leave the scene. A bribe is never the answer.

It’s easy to slip up and say the wrong thing during a DUI traffic stop, so remain calm and think before you speak. When you do this, you lessen the likelihood of giving the officer another reason to question your sobriety.

Despite your best efforts, you may still face charges of driving under the influence of alcohol. At that point, the best thing you can do is review the circumstances of your case and settle on a defense strategy to help protect your legal rights.


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