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Georgia public officials arrested on DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Dui |

As our blog has discussed on previous occasions, even a single conviction for drunk driving can wreck a person’s career or, at best, put a damper on his or her job opportunities.

This is especially true when a person is involved in public affairs, is a licensed professional or holds a position of standing in the community, like that of a police officer or firefighter.

Two people from different parts of Georgia are getting a first-hand look at how quickly a DUI can adversely affect one’s professional life.

In one case, the City Administrator of a community in the northwestern part of the state was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. The man reportedly was accused of similar behavior and had to resign his position with another political subdivision. Generally speaking, a City Administrator oversees a community’s day-to-day operations, including those of the police and fire departments.

In another matter, it came to light that the member of a school board in a sizeable Georgia community had been involved in a single-car accident and subsequently charged with drunk driving a couple of months ago. Police said that, at the time of the man’s arrest, he smelled of alcohol. For his part, the man denies any memory of the accident. He was treated for injuries after the accident. At least as of earlier this month, his case remained pending.

Both of these men likely have a lot at stake in their upcoming cases. Likewise, they both may also have several options when it comes to mounting a defense, as police and prosecutors will have to prove their case or negotiate a plea bargain.


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