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Students arrested, accused of making threats via Snapchat

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Dui |

Teenagers have always had a history of not making the best decisions.

Teens often get themselves into situations that they haven’t fully thought through. Whether that means they engage in shoplifting, driving under the influence or other crimes, they can often be facing serious charges that can affect them for years to come. In this day and age, teens have access to electronic devices that can also land them in trouble.

Two Forsyth County teens were recently charged with making terroristic threats using Snapchat. The teens were students at Vickery Creek Middle School and engaged in a racist conversation that involved a number of students. The messages, which were reviewed by the Forsyth County Sheriff Office, involved the use of racial and sexual profanity and threats of violence.

There were several specific threats made against other students that involved gun and other kinds of violence. The two teenagers were charged with misdemeanor terroristic threats.

Parents of teenagers know that they don’t always make great decisions. Peer pressure and brains that have not fully developed can be a bad combination. If a family finds themselves in a situation where their teen is facing serious charges, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in criminal and juvenile defense.

An attorney can review the situation surrounding the charges and arrest and help the family develop a strong defense. An attorney understands that a conviction can affect a teen for many years and affect their ability to get into a college, obtain a scholarship or even get into college.

When a teen finds themselves in trouble with law enforcement, it is important to have a legal professional on their side protecting their legal rights. A bad outcome can be detrimental to their future, and it is important that a teen is able to tell their side of the story.



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