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Has your teen been arrested? Know your rights

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Theft |

Cumming area residents who have teenagers understand how much stress their children can cause them. Teenagers don’t always make the best decisions and can get themselves over their head at times. Parents who have a teenager who has been arrested should understand that their teen has legal rights.

When a teen has made some bad choices that result in his arrest, parents are usually horrified. This is a situation in which parents really wish they didn’t have to be. Despite a teen having the best parents, these arrests may happen. If a teen finds themselves in a situation where they are going to be arrested, they need to not resist the arrest. They should also decline to answer any questions until they have a lawyer present and they should only discuss the case with their attorney. They should also not post anything about the situation on social media.

There are many paths that the teen’s charges can take. The officer can choose to charge the juvenile with the crime. The teen will then go before a judge within five business days who will decide whether to release the child to their parents or keep them in a detention center while the case is ongoing. An initial court date is then set up which is the teen’s first chance to admit or deny the charges. If the charges are denied, then typically the case goes to trial in front of a judge.

Along the way, there are many opportunities for the teen’s case to be resolved. It is important for a family to understand that having a legal professional who is skilled in criminal defense to be a critical element of their teen’s defense. A teen who receives a felony conviction can have their entire future affected including college admissions, job prospects, etc. An attorney understands the consequences that can occur and will aggressively defend their client and their legal rights.


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