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Legal help can be imperative when charged with domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

Georgia residents who find themselves in a situation where they are accused of domestic violence will have a great deal to think about as they try to deal with the case. One of the most problematic issues a generally law-abiding person can face is an accusation that a confrontation with a family member turned physical. Subsequently, it can lead to an arrest. When this happens, it is essential to remember the value of a strong legal defense.

Along with the legal considerations, it can negatively impact the person’s standing in the community and be a hindrance to their future. A simple verbal dispute can spark a phone call to law enforcement to investigate a potential domestic violence case. When police arrive, there is a major chance they will make an arrest even if the alleged victim does not want them to. Next, the person must consider how to address those charges. Not only will there be legal consequences, but personal ones as well.

Examples of what can happen after a domestic violence arrest include the person no longer allowed to return to the residence, not having contact with the victim in any way including telephonic or electronic, and not being allowed to have a firearm. Given these potential penalties and personal requirements following an arrest, it is key to prepare to deal with the charges immediately.

While domestic violence allegations are serious, it does not mean there is the justification for a conviction. There could be a way to reduce the charges, have counseling or seek an alternative resolution. Regardless, having a legal defense might critical to a reasonable outcome. Before saying or doing anything to make it worse, it is wise to contact an experienced legal professional to prepare a defense for domestic violence charges.


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