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Former bank employee charged with theft for various allegations

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Theft |

When Georgia residents hear about allegations of theft, they might automatically think of someone stealing a motor vehicle or taking something from a store. However, there are other forms of theft with serious penalties for a conviction. If a person is accused of check fraud, identity theft, computer crimes and similar financial violations, it can result in long-term consequences.

A 22-year-old man who was a bank employee is facing a variety of charges related to check fraud and theft. The man had worked as a teller. Bank investigators contacted law enforcement after they found irregularities. He is said to have forged checks with different names on them and taken $12,500. Warrants were issued, and he was taken into custody at his residence. He faces felony charges for identity fraud, theft, computer violations and invasion of privacy. He was dismissed from his job.

Any charge of theft will be serious, but when there are multiple felonies, it can result in an extended jail sentence, fines and long-term difficulties. While crimes that do not involve violence or weapons might not seem to be as serious as other types of crimes, the amount that is alleged to have been taken will largely dictate how severe the charges and possible punishments are. For people who are accused of stealing thousands of dollars, legal help is vital to assess the case and combat the charges.

Forgery and identity theft are a growing problem in the computer-centric world today. When there are accusations of theft, it can be exceedingly problematic to the person charged, especially if he or she works in a field that requires access to personal or financial information. To deal with these charges of theft, the former bank teller must understand his rights. Contacting a law firm experienced in criminal cases may be a smart move.


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