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Drug bust in Gainesville leads to the arrest of seven suspects

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Drug Charges |

Most Forsyth area residents understand that drugs are illegal and law enforcement aggressively prosecutes anyone who is suspected of engaging in drug activities. Those who are found to be in possession, selling or manufacturing of drugs can feel like the entire world is against them. A recent incident in Gainesville has resulted in the arrest of seven people on drug related charges.

Seven people were recently arrested in Gainesville on suspicion of drug activity. The Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad executed search warrants on five addresses in Gainesville. The locations were believed to be part of a group involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics. Officers allegedly found meth, black tar heroin, marijuana, Viagra, and cocaine. In addition, 14 handguns, a shotgun and 5 rifles were seized along with over $20,000 in cash. It is believed that the drugs were worth more than $1.8 million. The suspects are facing numerous charges including trafficking meth, heroine and cocaine, possession of drugs, among others.

If a Forsyth area resident finds themselves in a situation where they are accused of a drug crime, they should understand how serious these charges are. A legal professional who is skilled in drug charges can help their client tell their side of the story. An attorney understands what is on the line for their client including thousands of dollars in fines, a ruined personal and professional reputation and jail time along with having a criminal record for the rest of their life. An attorney is committed to providing a strong defense for their client. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest, the warrant obtained, and other situations that can impact their client’s case. An attorney understands the defense strategies that work and can make sure they use them for their client.

If a Forsyth County resident has been arrested on drug charges, they may feel scared and alone. Having a defense attorney on their side can help them understand the charges they are facing and how best to approach their defense options.


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