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What happens if your kids gets in trouble in college?

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Georgia parents want to do everything possible to protect their children and help them navigate life with minimal complications. You’ve probably helped your kid his or her entire life, yet you do not really have control over what happens when that child grows up and heads off to college. You can hope for the best, but what should you do if you get a phone call one night from your kid saying he or she is in trouble?

Younger college students enjoy the newfound sense of freedom and independence they feel when they are away from home for the first time. For some kids, however, this can lead to poor decision-making and unfortunate consequences. As a parent of a college student, you may find it beneficial to learn about the police on campus, including their authority over your child. It is also smart for each student to know his or her rights in the event of questioning or arrest.

Common questions about campus police

Every college or university has security on campus. In some cases, these are men and women hired to simply monitor the campus and report illegal or suspicious activity. In other cases, they may be police officers from the local jurisdiction with the power to arrest and search. Some of the most common questions people have about campus security include:

  • Are they real officers? You will want to find out whether or not the security on campus are paid security or local law enforcement. This can help you instruct your child on how to deal with them in case of a problem.
  • Can they search your child’s room? If your child lives on campus, it is likely that security has the right to search the room if they suspect criminal activity or violation of campus rules. There are likely limits to what they can do, however.
  • Should your child answer questions? Whether it is a security guard asking your child questions or a police officer, he or she has the right ask for a lawyer in the event of questioning, arrest or the threat of arrest.

One thing you may have to do as a parent is instruct your child on how to protect his or her rights and what to do in the event that he or she gets in trouble — even trouble by association. If there is a problem, you can also take immediate action on his or her behalf to secure legal help.

No matter how old your child is or where he or she is in school, you will want to help if there is ever a problem. Parents may want to reach out to an experienced defense attorney in order to learn how he or she can assist and what steps are necessary to protect your child’s future.


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