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Teens facing charges for made up kidnapping attempt

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Drug Charges |

Parents of Forsyth County teenagers know that kids don’t always make the best decisions. When left to their own devices, teens can come up with some really stupid ideas. But, just because a teen makes a bad decision doesn’t mean they have to pay for it for the rest of their lives.

Just as with an adult, if a teen has been arrested, a criminal defense strategy is necessary.

According to recent reports, two Forsyth County teens have been arrested due to an alleged kidnapping prank that involved many members of the law enforcement community. The teens allegedly staged a prank where the teen girl would be tied up in the back seat of an SUV screaming for help while driving around the Collection shopping center. The teens were planning on filming the kidnapping attempt and uploading it to social media.

Law enforcement began receiving many phone calls from the public who witnessed the incident and believed it was a real abduction. Officers from Forsyth County, Johns Creek Police Department and Gwinnett County were dispatched to the scene. The teens were apprehended in the parking lot of John’s Creek United Methodist Church. They have been charged with felony raising a false public alarm and misdemeanor reckless conduct.

When a teen gets into trouble it can be a big deal and can seriously affect their future. A felony charge is a situation that can follow a teen for many decades to come. If a teen is convicted of a felony, it can affect their college applications, graduate school applications, scholarship applications and job applications. Just one mistake can lead to a lifetime of problems. It is important to investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest and determine if the officers followed protocol.


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