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When will a theft charge elevate to armed robbery in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Theft |

People in Georgia who have been accused of theft might be surprised to learn that their charges have increased to armed robbery. There is a difference between theft and armed robbery. Other aspects of armed robbery are also serious and the law addresses them. Included is robbery by intimidation and taking a controlled substance from a pharmacy. When charged with armed robbery, it is imperative to know exactly what the law says about this crime.

When property is taken from another person and a weapon or an item that appears to be a weapon is used, the crime will be armed robbery. A conviction for armed robbery can lead to imprisonment for at least 10 years but no more than 20 years.

If the robbery is of a pharmacy and a controlled substance is taken after intentional bodily harm has been inflicted, this will be added to the case. If there is a conviction, the person will be penalized with a jail sentence of at least 15 years. Controlled substances refer to drugs categorized as Schedule I to V.

Any incident involving theft has the potential to result in serious charges that include fines, jail time and long-term problems. If the theft is an armed robbery, the defendant could spend an extended period of time in jail or even be imprisoned for life. There are viable defenses against these charges. Regardless of the situation, it is crucial to have legal advice from a law firm that understands all aspects of theft charges, including armed robbery.


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