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Were you falsely accused of domestic violence during divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2019 | Firm News |

Going through divorce causes a number of upheavals. While some complications are common, your life could become even more tumultuous if you also face criminal charges during this time. You may think that such a combination of events would not take place, but it could happen if your spouse filed false claims against you.

Unfortunately, people do stoop to such unscrupulous lows, and you could quickly find yourself in need of a criminal defense. On top of everything else going on with your divorce, you may feel completely overwhelmed, but fortunately, you do not have to go through any legal proceedings without help.

Why make false allegations?

You may think that false allegations of domestic violence will not do anyone any good, but your soon-to-be ex may make claims in order to work toward a better divorce order for him or herself, especially when it comes to child custody. If the court suspects that you have abusive tendencies, you could lose the opportunity to gain custody of your children.

You may also think that, since your spouse has no physical marks relating to abuse, authorities will immediately see the falsehood of the claims. However, domestic abuse can come in many forms, including interfering with someone’s personal liberty. Plus, authorities must take any claim of abuse seriously.

Keeping you away from the kids

In addition to wanting to make false accusations in order to obtain a better custody order, the other party may make the claims in efforts to keep you away from the kids immediately. A judge could order an emergency order of protection, which is basically a restraining order. It could indicate that you cannot have contact with your spouse or the children, or come within a certain distance. As a result, you could have to leave your home if you and your spouse have not already found separate living arrangements.

Fighting back

Understandably, you may feel at a loss when facing criminal charges for false accusations. Though you may think it is unfair that you have to go through the tribulations associated with a criminal defense case, you cannot ignore the situation. You may want to gain the assistance of a Georgia defense attorney in order to understand your options for fighting back against false claims of domestic abuse and to understand how the charges could affect your divorce.


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