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Man faces drug charges for allegedly selling methamphetamine

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Drug Charges |

Illegal drugs are a problem in Cumming, throughout Georgia and across the United States. With that, law enforcement is actively trying to interfere with drug sales by arresting those who are involved. Drug charges carry with them serious consequences and people who are facing these allegations must remember that they have rights when defending themselves and avoiding a conviction.

A man, 31, was arrested for allegations that he sold methamphetamine to undercover law enforcement officers in early 2018. The arrest was made in February 2019 due to the accusations that he sold the drug to a member of a task force. He had been missing since the incident, but a tip led officers to him and they made the arrest. He is facing charges of possessing methamphetamine, selling methamphetamine, possession marijuana, possessing a Schedule I drug and more.

While drugs like fentanyl and heroin are most commonly mentioned in the media as the biggest drug-related issue today, other drugs are still the focus of many investigations and arrests. Particularly, one that is problematic is methamphetamine. When drug charges are filed and they reach the level of severity associated with drugs like methamphetamine, a conviction can result in an extended jail sentence, fines and extensive penalties that even cause problems after the person has completed his or her sentence. Although it is understandable that law enforcement is avid in its attempts to reduce drug crimes, which does not automatically mean the arrest was made according to the law or that the suspect is even guilty. There are strategies to formulate an effective defense and legal advice is a must.

After a task force investigation, a man found himself under arrest for selling methamphetamine to a law enforcement officer. Before he could be arrested, he moved and was not found until recently. Despite the serious nature of the charges, the man has rights. He must do everything possible to have a successful defense. He must understand the consequences linked to drug charges and should seek legal advice immediately.


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