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How to protect your child during a tribunal hearing

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Firm News |

Most parents want the best from their children. They want their kid to have an excellent education, an active social life and a passion for their community. However, most parents are unprepared for when the worst case scenario happens.

What happens to your child if they are suspended from school for drug use?

It seems like an unlikely situation for most parents, but it is more common with the popularization of e-cigarettes among teenagers. Parents need to know the expectations of a long-term suspension and a possible tribunal hearing

Expectations for a tribunal

Georgia wants to ensure every child is heard, especially after a school suspension. Luckily, the state requires a tribunal hearing for any school suspension that lasts more than ten days. The meeting allows parents and the student to argue against the possible suspension.

While many people compare a tribunal hearing to juvenile court appearances, it is definitely not a court proceeding. However, there is a possibility of a hearing to criminal charges depending on the allegations.

The primary reason for a tribunal hearing is violations against a school’s code of conduct, including criminal activity. Some violations include marijuana possession, drug possession or minors with possession of alcohol. 

Think twice before signing

During a suspension, officials ask parents to sign a “tribunal waiver” – a document that takes away the student’s right to holding a school tribunal. A signed waiver allows the school to enforce any punishments or penalties they deem necessary in the situation without any defense from the child or parents.

Parents need to think twice before signing any documentation from a school, especially when it comes to discipline. Luckily, you can consult with other parents or a legal professional to decide the best course of action for your child. Even a few consultations may protect your child from a permanent stain on their record.


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