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Law enforcement officer arrested for DUI after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Dui |

The roads in Cumming and throughout Georgia can be dangerous. One known risk is encountering a driver who is under the influence. With that, law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for drivers who exhibit signs of committing DUI or are in locations where it is believed that people might have been drinking. Although DUI are serious, it does not necessarily mean that everyone who is stopped and arrested for it is guilty. Nor does it mean that the traffic stop was made according to legal protocol. Those who are arrested for DUI must remember their rights. This even applies to people who work in law enforcement and find themselves facing DUI charges.

A local police chief was arrested for DUI after a traffic stop. The chief, 35, also had an open container of beer in his vehicle. The incident happened at approximately 11 p.m. when a state trooper pulled the man’s car over. When he investigated, he saw the open can of beer. He also stated that he smelled alcohol. The man stated that he had six cans of beer in the previous two hours. The trooper stated that the man’s speech was slurred. He was given two parts of a field sobriety tests and failed. When asked to give a blood sample, he refused. He was arrested. The next day, he was suspended from his position as police chief. The investigation is continuing.

When a person is charged with DUI, the consequences can be significant. The loss of driving privileges, fines and even jail time can be problematic in myriad ways. That is before considering potential problems with a job in the present and future. Certain jobs like those in law enforcement can be negatively impacted and lost when a person who works in them is convicted of DWI. Those who are seeking certain jobs can have that hindered with such a conviction. Despite various levels of evidence, an arrest does not automatically imply guilt. There are many avenues of defense or perhaps a plea bargain that could be reached. Having legal assistance in critical.

A state trooper initiated a traffic stop to investigate a possible DUI and found a local police chief behind the wheel. Regardless of the evidence and any statements the man might have made, he still has ways to defend against the charges. Having legal assistance from a law firm that is experienced in helping a variety of clients facing DUI is imperative to lodge a strong defense.


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