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The warning signs of auto defects

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Auto defects are all too common in almost every type of vehicle. That’s why drivers need to be cognizant of any recalls issued so they can have the issue fixed immediately. Not all auto defects will be issued in a recall, especially if the auto manufacturer does not know about said defects. Today, we will take a look at the warning signs of common auto defects.

The electrical system of your vehicle is vital to it running smoothly. If it begins to fail you, you will notice difficulty trying to crank the engine, dim headlights and brake lights, corrosion on the cables of the battery and a smell of melting plastic.

The brakes of the vehicle help it stop no matter the speed at which you are traveling. Failing brakes exhibit signs such as squealing, grinding, wobbling and when the brake light activates on your dashboard.

When the tires on your vehicle begin to fail, they should be replaced immediately. If they are not replaced, you could blow a tire, which could cause you to crash. Signs of failing tires include vibration when driving and cracks in the sidewalls of the tires.

Monitor the warning lights on your dashboard for engine trouble. These lights include low oil level, low oil pressure, the check engine light and many others.

The more you know about auto defects, the likelier it is that you will catch them before it’s too late. The warning signs discussed today are just a few. Make sure you know all the ways your vehicle can fail so you can protect yourself on the roads of Georgia.


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