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Steps to take following a car accident in Georgia

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Being involved in a car accident in Cumming, Georgia, is never easy. Even if it is a minor accident, you will still need to file a report with the police and exchange insurance information with everyone else involved. If it is a more serious accident, you will need to get examined for any injuries. Here are the steps you need to take following a car accident so you do not disturb the scene or face penalties.

Be sure to move your car out of a lane of travel if it is not too heavily damaged. You need to get yourself to a safer spot while waiting for the police and other emergency responders to arrive. You don’t want to wind up getting injured in a subsequent accident that could have been avoided.

You need to call 911. Do not assume that the other person involved in the accident will call or that witnesses to the crash will call. Take it upon yourself to call. This will ensure that someone will respond to the crash site and begin the investigation or medical treatment for all involved.

Do not move any evidence. If this was a serious accident you want to preserve the scene as much as you possibly can. Do not kick or move debris. Do not walk through blood or other fluids. Officers will need to take measurements and pictures as part of their investigation.

Be sure to exchange contact information and insurance information with all drivers involved in the crash. Also, be honest with the police about what happened so they can determine a cause.

The steps that you should take after an accident in Georgia are important. They can ensure your safety and protect your rights as an accident victim. Don’t forget: Never leave an accident scene, even if you weren’t at-fault.


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