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Defenses used to fight sex crime charges in Georgia

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

Facing a sex crime charge in Georgia can be terrifying, especially if you thought what you were doing was consensual. Even if you have faced criminal charges before, a charge of a sex crime can be very difficult to handle. That’s why you need to know the common defenses that can be used in court to fight these charges. You just might be able to have the charges dropped or even reduced.

The most common defense to a sex crime charge is to claim innocence. For example, maybe the defendant in the case truly did not commit the crime and has the alibi to prove it. They could argue that there’s no way possible they committed the crime in question because they were in a different location when the crime occurred. Along the same lines of innocence, the defendant can claim that the plaintiff has misidentified him or her as the perpetrator of the crime.

Defendants in a sex crime case can also use the defense of insanity or mental incapacity. This means that they will argue they suffer from a mental disease that causes them to have difficulty understanding what they did or what the results of their actions caused.

Another common defense to a sex crime charge that is very difficult to prove is that consent was given. This is difficult to prove because the defendant will need to paint the plaintiff in a different light, which could wind up backfiring on the defendant and making him or her look worse in the eyes of the jury.

Sex crimes are all too common in Georgia. They affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Defending against a sex crime charge is difficult, but it can be done with help from the right people.


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