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Keep yourself safe while sharing the road with commercial trucks

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

When consumer drivers share the road with a large commercial truck, the drivers must understand how to behave around such a large vehicle to keep themselves safe and avoid potentially catastrophic accidents. Many drivers do not realize just how different and challenging it is to drive a large commercial vehicle, and do not behave safely when driving near them.

Commercial truck drivers have much less visibility of the road directly around them than other vehicles that ride lower to the road and do not haul trailers behind them. These drivers also face many additional challenges when operating and steering a large commercial truck, which many consumer drivers do not understand. A large truck often cannot brake as effectively as a smaller vehicle, and requires much more room to change lanes and make turns safely.

Consumer drivers may place themselves and others at serious risk if they engage in a number of dangerous behaviors, including

  • passing a large truck and then slowing down in front of it
  • attempting to pass a large truck on the right, especially during a right-hand turn
  • driving in the truck’s blind spots, directly beside or behind the truck
  • pulling in or merging in front of a truck without first reaching proper speed
  • driving between two trucks on a multi-lane road

Of course, even those who observe safe driving practices may still experience devastating accidents. If you or someone you love recently suffered in an accident with a large truck, you can consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to assess your legal options and build a strong strategy to seek justice and full compensation for your losses.

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