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Georgia councilman faces felony drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Felonies |

A North Georgia city official is facing felony charges after allegedly attempting to buy drugs from undercover local law enforcement. The city councilman, who had served for nearly 15 years, became the subject of a local sting operation after the town’s Sheriff claims he heard that the councilman was looking for certain prescription drugs without a prescription.

The details are still scarce, but police records indicate that the councilman was recorded over several conversations with undercover police. In the recordings, the man allegedly negotiates a price for certain prescription drugs and determines a time and place to meet. The police then arrived at the meeting and arrested the councilman.

The chargers against him include use of a communication facility in commission of a felony involving controlled substances, as well as criminal attempt to violate Georgia’s Controlled Substances Act. Not of these charges are felonies, and will carry harsh penalties that may determine the rest of the 56-year-old man’s life. Unlike most other non-violent crimes, drug convictions can carry years or even decades of jail time — a punishment that may essentially be a life sentence in the councilman’s case. The situation is surely heartbreaking for the family of the man, who must have been in significant pain to go such great lengths outside the proper channels for prescription drugs.

If there is any good news for him, it is that he seems to have wasted no time in securing a strong legal defense. If you ever face drug charges, especially felony charges, it is crucial to secure strong legal guidance as quickly as possible. With proper legal representation, you can ensure that your rights will remain protected as you fight for your future.

Source: The Dalton Daily Citizen, “North Georgia city councilman arrested on felony drug charges,” March 28, 2017


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