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On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

When you are charged with drunk driving, your top priority is determining what defense options you have for your case. This isn’t always something that is easy to determine, but we will work with you to explore the possibilities. We know that you aren’t willing to just back and go down without a fight.

In DUI cases, we have to look into the circumstances that led to you driving drunk. If your case involves a situation in which driving home after drinking was the best option, we might be able to use that as part of the defense. This doesn’t work in every case. Instead, there would have to be extenuating circumstances present.

On top of checking out the circumstances that led you to drive drunk, we can also explore defense strategies based on what happened to cause you to get pulled over and what happened as evidence was collected. Some of the questions we can ask include:

–Why did the police officer pull you over?

–Were any of your rights violated during the traffic stop?

–How was evidence collected?

–Was the Breathalyzer or other equipment calibrated properly?

Other questions might also be possible, but this gives you the gist of what we are looking into as we check out possible defense strategies.

We know that some people facing DUI charges accept that they are going to be convicted. You know that you were driving drunk and aren’t fighting that. The goal in these cases usually transforms into trying to minimize the penalties you face. We can work with you on this aspect as long as you let us know this is your ultimate goal.


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